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10 Oct

Potassium Iodide, the multipurpose compound used in medicines

Chemical compounds play a major role in treating ailments. Doctors prescribe medicines that are essentially made from different combinations of chemicals. Potassium Iodide is popularly used by doctors in the direct or indirect form. Potassium iodide manufacturers in india produce bulk quantities to pharmaceutical companies.

24 Aug

Looking for laboratory chemical supplier? Always inquire about these things first

Are you still confused about choosing a right supplier of chemicals required in your laboratory frequently? Well, it is not an easy task for sure. Finding out the best supplier could be a daunting task if you don�t know how to evaluate the same. This blog reveals powerful secrets that help you in searching the best supplier in the market.

10 Jan

Cedarwood oil has widespread usage in chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Quality, reliability, and purity are the three basic characteristics when laboratories or pharmaceutical companies order raw material. Dilution in quality can result in substandard quality products. If the raw material is required for the production of drugs and medicines, then it is all the more important to keep the quality standard high.


21 Dec

Silver Nitrate, the effective bacteria controlling substance

Silver and Nitric Acid are the two chemicals that form the corrosive chemical Silver Nitrate. Stick or diluted liquid forms are used for different purposes. Typically, the liquid of .01 to 10 percent concentration are used by the medical professionals. When in the stick form, it is considered extremely effective in treating warts. It has been found immensely useful in cauterizing the wounds.


25 Oct

Silver Nitrate, the versatile and multipurpose chemical

Silver Nitrate is an extremely useful, versatile substance with a widespread usage in chemical labs, industries, and medical science. It is incredibly important to obtain it from reliable sources so that purity can be assured. In the labs, it is used for testing the presence of carbonates, phosphates, and Hydroxide ions. It is also useful in checking the salinity of the water.


10 Oct

Potassium Iodide has amazing qualities of saving from radioactive exposure

Before we know the clinical and industrial importance of Potassium Iodide, let�s understand about it further. KI is the symbol of this odorless, white substance which is normally found in the powder form. Since it is added to the common table salt to make it Iodized, there is a huge demand for it. Potassium iodide manufacturers in india receive bulk orders from salt producing companies.


27 Sept

Handle Mercuric oxide with care, error could be fatal!

You can�t avoid hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process because they are the essential elements of the production cycle. However, it is critically important to use safety measures for proper handling. When the material is dispatched by top-class suppliers such as Exporterlab chemicals, utmost care is taken while packing and handling.


30 Aug

Handling toxic chemicals in laboratories, even a small negligence could be deadly!

Whether you manage a chemistry lab in a school or college or run a manufacturing industry where chemicals are frequently used, there is always a risk if you handle toxic chemicals. Remember, there is no scope for even the smallest mistake because it can be fatal. Hence, it is important to take utmost precaution.


12 July

Know about different types of pH indicators and their use

Calculating the pH value is very common in the industrial and agricultural scenario. It is widely used in research as well. As the need for pH calculation increases, lab chemical suppliers in Mumbai receive orders from clients across the country. It is very important that the quality of chemicals used for manufacturing pH indicator is very good. Otherwise, there is a possibility of erroneous and misleading results.


14 Dec

Associate With Leading Ion Pair Reagent Suppliers For Authentic Products

The present scenario in the science and technology arena indicates colossal development of this particular sector. Quite inevitably, there has been an upsurge in the need for scientific chemicals. Considering the significance of these chemicals in performing some of the important experiments, you cannot rely on the average suppliers and dealers of the market.


14 Dec

Pioneering Mercuric Chloride Manufacturer In India Delivers Authentic Chemicals

Laboratory chemicals play a significant part in important scientific experiments. Therefore, purity and authenticity of the chemicals are prime requisites. Especially, the research and development wings of various industries employ these chemicals in various experiments.


30 March


A non-metallic, lustrous,dark-grey/purple-black and solid element is known as Iodine. Iodine sublimes very easily on heating to give a purple vapour. Iodine dissolves in certain solvents like carbon tetrachloride and it is only a little soluble in water.


26 Feb

Alpha Chemika � An Easy Way To Get Quality Lab Chemicals

Lab Chemicals is the most important aspect of a laboratory. These are used widely by many industries to manufacture different sort of products. The chemicals that are being manufactured must be handled with utmost care and precautions. There are various Lab Chemicals Suppliers, Lab Chemicals Manufacturers and exporters available in the market who are engaged in bringing forth high quality range of Lab Chemicals & Supplies.


25 Feb

All About pH Indicators

pH indicators are weak acids that exist as liquid dyes and dye-infused paper strips.A pH value is determined from the negative logarithm of this concentration and is used to indicate the basic, acidic or neutral character of the substance you are testing. They are added to numerous solutions to determine the pH values of those solutions. While the liquid form of pH indicators is typically added directly to solutions, the paper form is dipped into solutions and after that removed for comparison against a colour/pH key.


14 Jan

Everything about pH Indicator

A pH indicator is a halochromic chemical compound added in small amounts to a solution so the pH (acidity) of the solution can be determined visually. Usually the indicator causes the color of the solution to change depending on the pH. Indicators can also show change in other physical properties for example, olfactory indicators show change in their odor.


2 Jan

Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KI. These white salts are the most industrially huge iodide compound, with give or take 37,000 tons delivered in 1985. It is less hygroscopic (retains water less promptly) than sodium iodide, making it simpler to work with.


14 Dec

Mercuric Chloride � The Best Way To Get It

Nowadays, we get most of the things on the internet at a very cheap price, it may be mobiles, furnishings, clothes, shoes and many more things. Everyone�s life has become very easy because of the internet. There are very few people who actually go out of their houses to get what they want. But there are many people who purchasestuffs online only by a click of a button.


13 Nov

The Best about Silver Nitrate

Silver Nitrate is an organic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. This compound is a versatile precursor to many other silver compounds. It is far less sensitive to light than the halides.


28 Oct

Mercuric Chloride For Sale At Affordable Rates

In today�s world we get all the things online, may it be clothes, shoes, mobiles, furnishings and many more things.


01 oct

Quick Way To Buy High Quality Iodine

Iodine is a chemical element with symbol I and atomic number 53.


25 August

Quality Is That Matters

The quality of chemicals used in laboratories has to be of the best quality in order to get the best results after its use.


05 August

Silver Nitrate � Uses And Facts

Silver Nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. And it has various uses in different fields like laboratory uses, manufacturing purposes, used in biology, medicinal uses, used in photography and ceramics.


02 July

What could you possibly not get on the Internet?

The world is on the internet. Prior to the invention of internet; to buy anything small one had to go to a store to purchase it. Today we live in the age of internet where you get everything on the online and at your door step.


14 May 2014

Get the best quality laboratory chemicals

Now, you can shop for laboratory chemicals online from ALPHA CHEMIKA, which happens to be one of the best suppliers of the same. This enables you to order for all the laboratory materials you require conveniently from our website. We not only offer you best quality chemicals, but also give you the most professional service from packaging to shipment of the products.

23 May 2014

Laboratory chemicals at the best rates!

Raw materials seem to be the base that adds to the quality of the finished product. If the raw materials are of inferior quality, the outcome is sure to get affected. Laboratory chemicals are like raw materials required for various purposes.